The Acupuncture is a form of medical therapy that relies on the stimulation of certain areas of the skin by means of the insertion of metal needles or the action of other physical stimuli (heat, electrical microcurrent, laser etc.) With the aim of restoring in our body balance altered by any cause. For over four thousand years been consistently used in the treatment of various diseases, it is currently widespread in almost all countries of the world. As part of Acupuncture, the AuricoIoterapia (Acupuncture Headset Ear Acupuncture) finds its true place, while sharing with it the same fundamental mechanisms.

Born in Europe at the beginning degii fifty years to a brilliant idea of the physician Lyon PAUL NOGIER, he has had a rapid development in recent decades. Acupuncture Headset is now a sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic system that is based on the assumption that the surface of the ear there is a representation of our entire organismo.Dalla original idea of Dr. Nogier of coarse representation reflected on the pinna of the fetus inside the uterus is inverted and switched to a more precise mapping which has been confirmed in recent works, performed with the use of Magnetic Resonance.

Not only needles

The stimulation of the ear can be carried out not only with the classic steel needle, but also by means of electrical micro-currents, magnetic beads, laser, etc. In our experience these techniques, less traumatic, are preferred by the patients and also allow us to obtain not only the same needle results, but also to modulate the stimulus according to the therapeutic effect to be achieved.