Auricular therapy in the integrated treatment of obesity

The DIMANAT® method involves the use of auricular stimulation in the integrated treatment of Obesity. It is designed and developed in the early 90s by the Italian doctor Giancarlo Bazzoni and his study group. The Auricular Acupuncture has proved capable of improving in patient adherence (compliance) to dietary restriction.

From the first experiments, the DIMANAT® method has spread to Italy and other European countries with thousands of patients who have lost weight with the help of auricolotherapy, arousing considerable interest among professionals and the media.


Auricular stimulation acts on the feeding behavior of overweight and obese patient

1) re-formulating the sensations of hunger and satiety;

2) acting on the psychological and psychopathological aspects of eating behavior: emotional Fame;
• psychological effects of dietary restriction (Anxiety, Mood Disorders tone, Aggressiveness / irritability / hostility)
• emotional hunger
• craving (compulsive desire for a particular type of food)
• Binge Eating - BE (Abbuffata Compulsive - episodes of uncontrolled overeating)

3) counteracting the reactive metabolic slowdown to weight loss.



The points or earphones areas, are stimulated with small metal spheres, seeds of Vaccaria or micro-needles to semipermanenza covered and kept in situ from a small plaster, for a period of between fifteen and thirty days, in a non-traumatic and absolutely non-invasive and painless.